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Ribchester Museum Trust  Lancashire’s Only Specialist  Roman Museum
3D Bremetenacum Ribchester Museum Trust have undertaken the development of a 3D interactive visualization of the fort and settlement of Bremetenacum Veteranorum.  The visualization uses game engine technology to present an interactive model of the cavalry fort and its immediate surroundings, including the bath house and vicus.  The position and layout of the buildings is, where possible, taken from existing archaeological evidence at the Ribchester site, the ‘gaps’ having been filled in with speculative reconstructions based on evidence from similar sites and other ancient sources.  The simulation aims to show the settlement as it was in about 241CE when the Emperor Gordian III, who was only 16 at the time, sat on the imperial throne.  The fort at his time was occupied by the Company of Gordian’s Sarmatian Horse at Bremetenacum, according to an inscription, with their commander being a certain Aelius Antoninus. The visitor will be able to navigate the model at a computer kiosk in the museum with their first person perspective view being displayed on a large screen above the kiosk for others to see as they explore the fort and its buildings.  Below is a gallery of screen shots taken from an early version of the running simulation. 
For the technically minded, the interactive model runs in the Unity game engine and 3D assets were created using Autodesk 3DS Max, Autodesk Mudbox, Pixologic ZBrush and Adobe Photoshop amongst other softwares.  Due to a technical issue the go-live for the software which was due to go live on 28th March 2015 has been moved back until 18th April.  We apologise for any disappointment this may cause.